Webs Canada is Back!

In 2002, Paul Hock of Fergus, Ontario started Webs Canada.  At the time, a one-man operation, helping small businesses and organizations build a web presence.  Although very successful, Paul decided to persue other career choices, including getting back to his first love… music.  In 2008, Jeremy Woods of ICS Computers took over the Webs Canada name and all the current customers.  Since ICS already had a number of hosting customers, it was easier to absorb those customers under the ICS banner.  Then, in 2010, ICS made a deal with Dan Hutten at Digital Hexagon to take over his website hosting customers as well.  Jeremy then decided in 2012 to revive the name Webs Canada, still under the ownership of ICS Computers Inc., to better serve his growing list of customers.

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